Upon arrival, please bring the following items with you:

  • Insurance forms and personal identification
  • Overnight personal care items including shampoo and toothbrush
  • Enough casual clothing for three days
  • Comfortable shoes, including sneakers for outdoor recreation
  • Small amount of money for vending machines

To keep our unit safe, certain personal items are not allowed. Any banned items will be returned to parents/guardians or disposed of according to hospital policy.

These items are NOT allowed:

  • Electronic devices
  • Any substances that contain alcohol, drugs or other substances that could be abused
  • Clothes or shoes with laces or strings
  • Belts
  • Clothing advertising or promoting alcohol, drugs (including nicotine), sex, violent music groups or performers, or clothing deemed inappropriate by staff
  • Revealing sleeping attire
  • Food of any kind
  • Items made of or containing glass