At Peachford, we know it can be so hard to watch a child you love in severe distress or exhibiting dangerous behaviors. The goal of our acute inpatient program for children is to steady the immediate crisis so they can go back to their life and continue to learn, grow and develop personally and emotionally.

If your child is experiencing a serious behavioral disturbance or an inability to function at home or school, treatment may be appropriate. Designed to meet the unique needs of children aged four to 12, our therapeutic environment is structured to facilitate a clinical understanding of the patient’s unique problems while attending to important family issues. We teach each children coping skills to help them thrive.

Treatment consists primarily of group and family therapies. Family therapy is a vital part of treatment and family members are encouraged to address problems that contributed to the current crisis. Our aim is to help the patient identify emotions and unlearn behaviors that have contributed to current conflicts at school and at home.