Child Acute Inpatient

Peachford Hospital offers acute inpatient, highly intensive treatment program for children, ages 4-12, and is designed to provide stabilization for a child in severe distress or exhibiting dangerous behavior.

Our program addresses a child’s acute problems of a critical nature with highly-structured programming. Individuals experiencing serious behavioral disturbance or an inability to function at home or school may be appropriate for treatment.

The therapeutic environment is structured and facilitates a clinical understanding of the patient’s unique problems while attending important family issues. Every individual is provided with an opportunity to learn new skills and to achieve success.

Our goal is to stabilize the immediate crisis and enable the patient to return to the community with skills to promote personal and emotional development.

Treatment consists primarily of group and family therapies. Family therapy is an integral part of treatment and family members are encouraged to address problems that contributed to the current crisis. Treatment focuses on helping the patient identify emotions and correct maladaptive behaviors that have contributed to current conflicts at school and at home.

Positive behavior is rewarded through earning privileges and other basic tenets of behavior modification are used to shape appropriate conduct and to promote effective impulse control.